Grim Magazine

grim magazine

Grim Magazine is the first publishing project by Anatomy of a Scream. A digital and print magazine published by rabid female horror fans, each issue includes essays, reviews, analyses, interviews, and short fiction contributed by a variety of talented and enthusiastic writers. We especially want to showcase the voices of women and LGBTQ+ people.

New issues are released in February, June, and October.

Check out the digital February 2018 issue (and admire CC Stapleton’s gorgeous cover art). Print issues are available for purchase here!


How can I pitch a piece for a future issue, place a spooky classified ad, or send in a question for Grim’s advice columnist?

Reach us through our Contact Form!

How can I become a Platinum, Gold, Silver, or Bronze level sponsor, or run an ad in Grim?  

Connect through our Contact Form and we will send you information about our Sponsorship packages and ad rates.

Is there a way to subscribe to the magazine?

We’re looking at subscription options for the future. In the meantime, you can support Grim by pre-ordering print issues via our Indiegogo page and receiving some fun perks! The pre-order options are available approximately 6 weeks prior to the release of each issue, and past backers are given access to a secret perk for future issues.

How else can I help support the magazine?

Word of mouth is always appreciated! Encourage your friends to check out our digital issues (or print if they prefer the tactile route!) Share links to our digital issues on social media, post pics of your print issues — there are a ton of ways to show Grim love, and we appreciate all of them! ❤

Can I follow Grim on social media?

You sure can! We have a Grim twitter account: @thisisgrimmag.